About Us

Temple, New Hampshire

Firmly rooted in a tradition of loving gatherings, Isabella “Boo” Martin delights in helping you make the most of everything her family farm has to offer. Whether your goal is a family get-together, a wedding, a healing retreat, or a business strategy meeting – Boo and her team are ready with ideas, experience, an army of vetted vendors, and a superb eye for details that make all the difference.

History of Hospitality

The Farm has been a place of warmth and welcome since 1754, when the original Homestead was settled by a veteran of the French and Indian War. Over time, it became a community gathering place, with a Birthing Room, School Room, and a sanctuary for orphans and widows. Still later, it served as a major Stage Coach stop between Boston and Montreal, a place where weary travelers could soothe both body and spirit.

When the Martin family purchased the farm in 1965, the legacy of hospitality flourished. Family and friends, as well as those in need, all were warmly welcomed. The farm also became home to a world- renowned summer riding camp and therapeutic horsemanship center. The farm flourished as it welcomed all who entered the gates.

Today, Boo continues these cherished traditions of welcome. The Stepping Stones Farm & Event Center logo highlights the Anthurium flower which is the symbol for Hospitality.