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Welcome to Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center!

Whether you host a farm-to-table wedding in the rustic Barn or host a wellness retreat in the big, cozy Lodge or charming Homestead, your event experience is customizable based on your unique needs. With plenty of wide open spaces on the farm and an abundance of local vendors to help bring your vision to life, you can find ease in the safety and care of your event.


My Pledge To You

As the owner, I promise to provide you with a warm welcome in a safe, relaxing and beautiful farm setting. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend!

Isabella (Boo) Martin, Owner, has a lifetime of experience as a leader and team builder. With a master’s degree in organization and management, and countless national awards, she successfully founded a summer girls’ camp, a nationally recognized equestrian center, an award winning therapeutic horsemanship program, and has organized countless retreats, conferences and workshops.  Boo often does the tours and loves meeting the guests.  She is also usually the first one to come to welcome all folks upon arrival. She loves people, celebrations and sharing the family farm.

Family Owned & Operated for 56 years and counting!

Our family has ‘what it takes’ to do the marketing, finances, facility management, HR and strategic planning to make Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center successful and sustainable.

Alec McDaniel also grew up on the farm as one of four kids.  He knows the property inside and out.  With a background in hospitality and business, Alec is a key member of the team.  He is usually the first one to speak with potential guests and answer questions. With his online prowess, he also does the final contracting and helps arrange payments. We are all excited that he will soon be moving east to be more actively involved in person.

Heidi Judd Kennedy and Lindsey Cook Kenney both grew up riding horses at the farm.  They loved the spirit & energy of the land and the animals throughout their childhood.  Now, as adults, they are eager to foster the same welcome and ‘family feeling’ that has kept them connected  these many years.  They are invaluable members of the operations, performing tours, keeping everything beautifully decorated, organized and cozy.  They are the fabulous photographers who create our social media, helping capture the fun and festivities that happen daily.  Guests, young and old love, their zest and appreciate their hard work. They are surely a vital part of the “farm family” feel at Stepping Stones!

Click here for directions to Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center.

When coming West on NH-101 turn right onto Webster Highway. Continue 1.3 miles until you see Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center on your left.

When coming East on NH-101 turn left onto Webster Highway. Continue 1.3 miles until you see Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center on your left.

We are 1.5 hours from Boston, 3 hours from Hartford, CT or Burlington, VT & 5 hours from NYC!