Who We Are

Welcome to Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center!

A cozy Lodge or charming Homestead, your event experience is customizable based on your unique needs. With plenty of wide open spaces on the farm and an abundance of local vendors to help bring your vision to life, you can find ease in the safety and care of your event.


Isabella (Boo) Martin

Boo is the owner of Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center and head of the Hospitality for which the farm is known. She grew up on this property and happily raised her family in the Homestead. She also was part of the team that built the Log Cabin called Stepping Stones Lodge. Under her leadership of 50 plus years, the farm has been a retreat center, a summer riding camp, a therapeutic horsemanship program, a veterans’ program, a wedding venue and an Airbnb destination. The farm has been nationally known and respected for all of its many facets. Boo brings her love of people, the land and its animals as she shares her expertise with horses, nature and history. Let her zest, optimism and spirit set the atmosphere for your amazing get away from all that is hard, sad and isolating in our current world.

Boo has recently completed a national certification course in Equine Experiential Learning and Education that complements her many other national certifications and Master’s Degree. She will be happy to share her new learnings and discoveries with you and the horses who live with her at the farm. For anyone who loves animals, this will be a fun, creative and meaningful experience for all who participate. No prior horse experience is necessary! Her love of events of all kinds held at the farm is contagious and will help you to unwind and de-stress. Join her and the Stepping Stones Team for a farm stay that you will not soon forget!

Heidi Judd Kennedy
General Manager

Heidi grew up riding horses at the farm. She was an avid competitor, horse owner and hard worker. Like Boo, Heidi has a deep-seated love of people and animals of all kinds. She has been with Stepping Stones Farm & Event Center since it began. She has helped with every detail of setting up the farm to be an event center which hosts all kinds of special occasions. From painting to buying furniture, to decorating and gardening, she has helped polish the beauty of the farm and its lodging for both people and horses.

As the General Manager, Heidi keeps the Housekeeping Team organized to insure that your stay is comfortable and relaxing. She helps keep the buildings clean and lovingly set up with seasonal décor to make all guests feel welcomed. She also organizes all the animal care so that guests can enjoy the experience of being on a working farm. When she is not at the farm, she loves doing things with her boys and hubby. She is a proud owner of dogs, goats, miniature horses and a draft horse…most of which are rescue animals now living in the lap of luxury under Heidi’s care.

Becky Ciardelli
Head of Lodge Housekeeping & Personal Shopper for Guests

Becky has also been with the farm since its early days. She shows up with enthusiasm, energy and good old elbow grease to help keep the Lodge sparkling clean and well stocked. She and Heidi make sure the linens are bright and white, the floors clean, the decorations inviting and the atmosphere serene. Her pleasant demeanor and willingness to work as a team makes for a feeling of peace and order.
Becky has also stepped up to offer a great service to our guests. She is willing to do the Grocery and “Adult Beverage” Shopping for you. For an additional fee, she takes your list and gets the food bought, transported and stocked in the kitchen so everything is ready for you upon your arrival. Contact Becky directly if you wish to have her perform this lovely service for you to make your stay even easier at 603-562-5852.

Aimee Robinson,
Head of Housekeeping at the Homestead and Farm Gardens

Aimee joined the Stepping Stones team two years ago and lends her good cheer, huge work ethic and beautiful smile to the crew. She prides herself on making the Homestead shine in all its historical glory. She polishes and preserves the beautiful floors and wood in this house that was built in 1754. With her team of friends and family members, she gets the job done with style and loving care.
Aimee also is working hard to bring the perennial gardens back to life at Stepping Stones. She weeds, waters, plants and prunes so that the grounds are inviting and relaxing for our guests as they stroll around our grounds.

Frank Ciardelli
Private Chef for Stepping Stones

Frank brings zest and great joy to his cooking. He loves to use fresh ingredients, getting as much as he can from local farmers. He takes great care to select his meats, breads, produce and desserts to fit the season as well as the folks he serves. He loves to combine a variety of spices to make unusual and tasty dishes. Having grown up in a big Italian family where the men were the main cooks, it is his passion to feed people. He leans into this passion with hard work, a hearty laugh and a lot of creativity. We are delighted to have him as our Private Chef for our guests at Stepping Stones Farm and Retreat Center. Contract Frank directly to arrange for one or more meals during your stay at 603-562-7385.

Pam Clemens
Private Buffet or Brunch Chef for Stepping Stones

We are excited to expand Private Chef options by welcoming Pam to our team. She has retired from owning and operating a Bed & Breakfast and has moved right up the hill from the farm. She is carrying on her reputation for excellence as she brings SereniTea back into action now that she is settled into her new home. She can whip up a creative Continental Breakfast, a truly beautiful farm breakfast or pull out all the stops for a Sunday Buffet or Tea Party that will delight people of all ages. She too has a passion and flair for cooking and baking, making her an ideal partner at Stepping Stones. Contact Pam directly to arrange for one or more meals during your stay at 603-400-3030.

Jaya Hoesch
Licensed Massage Therapist

Jaya is a former Waldorf teacher for many years. Her patient, joyous and calming demeanor helped hundreds of kids relax and learn. Now, as a licensed Massage Therapist, she is an amazing healer. Using a variety of well researched methods of Oriental Massage including Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, Cupping, Cranial Sacral, and Reiki, as well as divine natural Lotions and Potions, she will soothe and gently relax your body. This is an on-site optional extra for you and your group. You will truly be amazed by her healing touch. Contact Jaya directly to arrange for your therapeutic massage during your stay at 603-924-6768.

Judy MacDonald,
Child Care Provider Extraordinaire

Judy will come to the farm and take care of babies and kids to give Moms and Dads time to be together during their stay. Judy has had a life time of taking good care of people. She began babysitting at 11 years old. She then went on to work for 20 years in the Mental Health field in a Psychiatric Hospital, followed by 5 years at a rehabilitation center for people with Head Injuries. She is currently providing Elder Care. She adores babies and kids. Let her be your Surrogate Grandmother or Favorite Auntie so you can go on a hike, take a nap, go out to lunch or dinner and spend some alone time together! Childcare is provided on site at the farm. Contact Judy directly to arrange for child care during your stay at 603-369-1843.

Our Horse Care Team:
Anne Clifton-Waite, Lexi Cutter, Sara Schein, Heidi and Becky

We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and hardworking team that provides the daily care and feeding for our horses. With vast experience and a careful eye toward detail, this group of horse women provide top notch care to our four-footed family. With good cooperation and a clear schedule, all horses at the farm are happy and healthy. They provide the perfect backdrop to the farm experience.

Tere Anderson
Resident Jack of All Trades and Master of All Things Needing to be Fixed

Tere lives in the Bungalow right on the farm. He has been with the Martin Family for twenty years, making life so much easier and things work so much better. He works with the other men folk who are the Grounds and Buildings Keepers. Armed with tools, creativity, patience and tenacity, Tere is just a call away when a car battery is dead or the lights won’t come on. He also keeps the pool sparkling clean and ready for guests. He is invaluable to our guests when they need something.

Bill Haas
John Deline and Tommy Krapf, Buildings, Grounds and Farm Maintenance Wizards

Bill, John and Tommy all work with Tere to keep the wood split and stacked, the paint fresh, the grounds mowed and the fields tended. Armed with all the tools, tractors, machinery and extensive experience, they keep the farm neat and tidy for all our guests.

Family Owned & Operated for 56 years and counting!

Alec McDaniel

Alec McDaniel also grew up on the farm as one of four kids.  He knows the property inside and out.  With a background in hospitality and business, Alec is a key member of the team.  He is usually the first one to speak with potential guests and answer questions. With his online prowess, he also does the final contracting and helps arrange payments. We are all excited that he will soon be moving east to be more actively involved in person.

Our family has ‘what it takes’ to do the marketing, finances, facility management, HR and strategic planning to make Stepping Stones Farm and Event Center successful and sustainable.